Samsung Video Library APK V1.4.14.19 Latest version free Download Official [2.9 MB]

 This app is offering you with multiple tasks. The editing, search and the private mode are the main tasks offered by this app. This app is specifically designed for android users. You can work with this app either on your tablet or the mobile phone. That is so easy. You can use this app for the browsing of the video content included in your device. This is not a simple process. But with the Samsung Video Library it became more simple. Even you could find more apps like file managers capable of doing the same task. But with this app that makes it easier. 

   Other than browsing the video content there are some more tasks that can be performed by this above app. What are them? Do you already know about them? Therefore then we see those used by the following. 

   Then we will see what are the main details of this app. That is the required point for all of us. 

  • Size of the app – this is about 2.9 MB sized app 
  • The latest version of the app – this is 1.4.14. 19
  • The developer of the app – Samsung electronics Co. Ltd offered this app. 
  • Downloads it had performed – now it had finished about 100,000,000 + downloads 

   Those are the details that I want for you. Then we will shift to the next step. 

How can I download the Samsung Video Library for my phone?

Download Now 

  • Here I have provided you with an easy way. 
  • So tap on the download where I have provided 
  • It will be downloaded some times later 
  • Then click on the install 
  • Then after installation work with this app. 


How can I download this Samsung Video Library for my pc? 

  • It is better if you have installed the XePlayer for your pc. 
  • Click on the download where I have given on the above 
  • It will be downloaded 
  • Then click on the install 
  • Then you could work with the downloaded app 

   Now you can download the app by following the above steps. It is much better even. Then I think it is better if we look at the features of the app mentioned above. 

Features of the Samsung Video Library

  • Viewing the contents 
  • Tabs for videos and folders both 
  • Grid view or the list view is provided 
  • Search by the name 
  • You could sort it by the time or from the title of it or from the ascending and the descending order 
  • You can zoom the screen 
  • Also, You can resume the last one that you have watched 
  • You can edit and make a change of the content of the phone 
  • You could share all the content with others and you could use the WiFi and Bluetooth. 
  • If you want to change the name of the file, you could rename it 
  • You can change the content of the video private 
  • The private mode of the device is for the security of the device. 
  • The Samsung galaxy devices are supported by this app. That could be dependent on the hardware even. 

The above are some uses and the features of the above app. Other than them there are some new features identified regarding this app. 

What’s new in Samsung Video Library

  • Existed bugs have cleared up 
  • You could perform streaming via the clear text network traffic 

   Those are the main features that are needed to you while using an app like this. But some people are worried about the safety of the device. There are no legal restrictions for this app. Therefore you could use this app without any worry. 

FAQs about Samsung Video Library

Q: Is this a safe app for my device? 

A: Yes, this is safe for your device. There is no harmful content in this app. 

Q: Is this free of charge? 

A: Yes, you can get this app for totally free. You need not pay any amount. 

Q: How can I get this app for my device? 

A: I have provided in the above the safest way. 

  I think by using this app you could perfume the activities of the device very effectively. You could find, sort out, and edit anything by using this app. Also check out new, Filelinked APK Download | Bulk Downloader Tool for Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV

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