Player pro APK v5.9 Latest version free Download Official [15.08 MB]

The player pro apk is for the experience of the music player. That is especially for the android. This app is totally free.  As I told above you could use this app without paying a single amount. Sometimes there may be more adds that make barriers to the entertainment of yours. But you need not worry the ads started to show after 10 days. The above app features a nice interface. That is the attractive part of this app. Therefore the player pro became a significant app. Along with the other features you can observe there are more powerful audio configuration settings.

What is the player pro apk?

  While using this above app you have to note down something. This app is a standalone app. Then you have to uninstall the free version. That you have to do that after the purchasing. 

 So now you have a clear idea about the above app. But there are some things that you had to know before installation. That is,

  • Size of the app 

   This is about a 15.08mb sized app. 

  • Downloads of the app

   Until now there are about 10,000,000+ apps had taken place. 

  • The developer of the app 

   Blaston SA is offered this app. 

  • The latest version of the app 

   5.9 is the latest version of the above app 

Then we will see the next part. From this part you could get to know the features. Those features only let you select the app is suitable for you or not. 

Features of the player pro app 

  • You can browse the favorite thing of yours 

   You can find it by the name, genre, artist, playlist or the composer. 

  • Listen to anything that you like any of the activity. 

   While driving you can’t listen to sings. Even while doing some other activity you could do that. 

  • That allows for the changing of the interface 

   If you don’t like the existing interface you can change it. 

  • Customize your list 

   You can edit it as the list view or as the grid view. 

  • Editing 

  You can keep the single editing or group tag editing. You can edit the title, album, composer or the track even.  

  • Presence of any kind of audio effects.     
  • Smart playlists
  • Backup of Google drive 
  • Sleep timer. 
  • Support of headset 
  • Swipe gestures. Shaking it feature 

So I think this app is really useful. Then we will see how can we get it into the device. 

How can I get it into the mobile device? 


  • Click the download button for download the apk file
  • Then the apk file will download automatically
  • After downloading click on the install 
  • Then you can work with it freely 


How can I get into the personal computer? 

  • You have to download the BlueStacks 
  • Then open it 
  • Then download the android apk
  • Then open the Google Play Store 
  • Search the app by its name 
  • Then you can get it into your pc. 
  • Work with the player pro apk 

FAQs of the above app? 

  • What is the size of this app? 

  This is about a 15.08 MB sized app. 

  • Is this a safe app? 

  Yes, you can download it. It is a very safe app. 

  • Is this a free app? 

  Yes. You don’t need to pay for it. 

  So I said you a lot of details about the player pro app. So you can be entertained by this app without any restriction. I can’t tell you to download. But considering the above facts you can download the above app. If you want to know about more apps, click here to learn more.

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