MIUI Theme App APK Free Download for Android [15.4MB]

This about your Xiaomi’s smartphone. MIUI is a theme app that was designed for  Xiaomi devices, and this is the best way to customize your Xiaomi smartphone. Here it includes tons of custom themes with wallpapers, the ability to change your smartphone theme, download hundreds of ringing tones, apply ringing tones, turn the device interface font, and many other facilities.

MIUI Theme App

What is MIUI Theme App?

The mobile device theme is the very first attraction section of your device, and then it allows other facilities as well. A user-friendly interface is the most important thing of your smartphone, and then it increases user efficiency. So selecting a theme for your mobile phone is too much important for you.

For Xiaomi mobile devices, MIUI Theme App is one of the best selections. Here the content of the MIUI Theme App split up into various tabs. Here those split tabs have unique functions. The first one can use to change the device theme. Selecting the most fantastic theme, you can easily give a new look to your smartphone. There are tons of options. Using them, users have the freedom to change your device totally. The other tabs indicate and allow to other aspects such as interface, wallpaper,  ringing tone, font, and more.

Those tabs come with very well organized content. This settles down by default, and it listed contents according to the most popular order. However, it is, you can easily select your favorite one according to you, searching for it from the search box. This is one of the most excellent applications that support only Xiaomi smartphones.

MIUI Theme App

How to use  themes using MIUI Theme App  on your Xiaomi smartphone

According to other smartphone categories, Xiaomi is the very first smartphone manufacturers introduced to adopt external themes. Here they use the MIUI Theme App to get the most elegant themes. When theme Apps are not popular among users, they use the MIUI theme. By following the below steps now, you can install various types of MIUI themes for your Xiaomi smartphone.

Step 01.

At the very first, you have to create an MIUI account.

Here are some important points you should know.  Using your Mi account, you have the freedom to browse themes from the store.  For download themes, here it requires a personal account. For creating or sign in, you have to visit account.xiaomi.com. Then you can easily create your own account. However, it allows using your Facebook account as well.

Step 02.

Now you have to Browse themes from the store.

Step 03.

Download them. Then you can rearrange or organized themes.

MIUI Themes category – latest updates

October releases

  • MIUI themes version1.5.2.4
  • MIUI themes version1.6.6.7

September releases

  • MIUI themes version1.6.5.4
  • MIUI themes version1.5.2.3

August releases

  • MIUI themes version1.5.1.3

July releases

  • MIUI themes version1.5.0.3
  • MIUI themes version1.6.2.0

June releases

  • MIUI themes  version
  • MIUI themes version1.4.9.3
  • MIUI themes version1.4.9.2

Those are the most recent MIUI Theme versions(2019), and now you can try them using your Xiaomi device.

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