Lumii Photo Editor App- Can be Used on Both, Your Phone and Your Computer

Lumii App is the world’s first photo editor that uses artificial intelligence to make your photos look fantastic.

It applies various filters, effects and adjustments in real-time and unlike other photo editors, this can automatically generate professional-looking looks with just a few taps.

Lumii App main image

Lumii APK is a photo editor that can be used on both, your phone and your computer.

Unique Aspects Of Lumii App

This app has a lot of features that will make you look like a pro, it has an easy to use interface and there is no need for any type of special skills to get started using Lumii App.

It has natural and unique filters that will make your photos more appealing to the eyes.

Furthermore, it has a variety of preset effects that you can use on your photo as well as a flat skin tone slider in order to lighten or darken your skin.

Another great feature of this App is the ability for you to pick up or downsize pictures.

With Lumii App, you can edit your photos in just seconds, you can add stickers, text, frames and shapes to your pictures and share them on different social media channels.

It’s perfect for creating memes or expressing yourself on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.

This unique App is a fun and easy way to express yourself on your social media channels!

In addition, you can share your photos on social media or save them for later use.

Lumii App has all of the features you need to transform your photos into beautiful works of art in seconds and it is great for beginners or professionals!

It also has an undo feature so it is easy for you to recover from any mistake that may happen during editing.

The App is a photo editor for Android, it offers high-quality editing tools, filters, frames and effects to create your personal style.

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