Keep Yoga for Android

Keep Yoga for Android

What do you know about Yoga? Have you done Yoga before? Do you love Yoga? Well, in my view, I’m a super fan of Yoga. Well, when it comes to Yoga, Yoga can bring to light as a practice of mind and body, which was used by ancient people to keep their mind and body fit. This Yoga is originated in India, and even now, there are people who do miracles by practicing Yoga. Yoga includes movements, breathing practices that help on mental and physical well-being, meditation, and mind relaxing techniques. So, we now know what Yoga is. What we should know now is how to practice Yoga at home. Even though Yoga is an exercising method, you can’t do Yoga the same as ordinary exercises without knowing since Yoga is quite a complicated process. However, I have an easy way to learn Yoga which is downloading the mobile app, Keep Yoga. Keep Yoga is an app that helps you to do Yoga with proper guidance. Just install the application and keep your body relaxed and fit.


Many like to practice Yoga in front of a TV. Because it is much easier to see steps and movements. You can install this application on any Android TV box using Google Play Store, Filelinked, Amazon App Store and Aptoide TV.


If you do not have TV box, you can use your phone or tablet. If you are unable to install this app using play store, you can try using third party app stores like AC Market and Aptoide.


Features of Keep Yoga


  • Installing Keep Yoga for your smartphone and practicing it daily provides you many health benefits to your mind and body. These health benefits keep you fit and relaxed throughout the day.
  • Keep Yoga offers more than 400 asanas, more than 10 yoga sessions, and over 7 meditating courses. These asanas, yoga sessions, and meditating courses help you to boost your immunity, lose extra weight, gain weight if you are too thin, relax your mind and body, sleep better, and keep calm and a relaxed mind, and many more.
  • It does not matter what your level is, you can be a beginner, a mediator, or an expert, and thus you can practice Yoga according to your level. The yoga sessions will help you to improve the knowledge and the practice of Yoga.
  • The Yoga app provides you real personal guidance, which will help you to feel like you are in a real class of Yoga. This guidance of Yoga and meditation will help you to do Yoga correctly. There will be voice guiding yoga sessions, descriptions about the sessions, and special and professional video guidance. These three guiding methods will help you to improve your Yoga.
  • Yoga meditations will help you to focus, keep attention to only one thing, train your mind to be calm in any situation, give a healthier life for your body and mind, and discipline yourself, and many more. The meditation will be held only 15 minutes per day so you won’t get bored while you are meditating.
  • You can add your friends to do Yoga with them. You can be healthier together. Do Yoga with your friends, family, and loved ones. It will be interesting than doing it all alone.
  • You can also create your personal Yoga workout plan using Keep Yoga.



Keep Yoga is a professional Yoga app offered by Calorie Technology HK Company Limited. The Yoga app was released on the 20th of July 2018. There are over 1 million downloads to this little application. With its latest updates, they have improved their performances in order to give their users the best yoga experience. Why don’t you just download the app and try some Yoga? Trust me! You will be surprised.


If this app stuck or lag when running, it may due to performance issue. Many low-end smart phones lost its performance over time make it harder to use applications easily. You can use performance booster applications like Clean Master to boost device performance.

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