GalleryVault APK V3.17.12 Latest version free Download Official [11.86 MB]

Hide of the pictures, files, audio also documents. That supports the SD card and the cloud. Therefore the application can be introduced as a protector of privacy details. So this is an app that provides encryption and hiding of details. That is applicable to your video and images. You could protect those if you don’t allow them to see the others. Also, This GalleryVault hides it’s an icon of the application too. From that you could understand what about the privacy maintained by this app. This is acting as a local for the importance and to the private details, photos, and videos for yours. You need to just import such things here. 

   This GalleryVault app has a beautiful interface. Therefore you can get an amazing or else smooth feeling from using this app.  Then we will pay our attention to the most important details of the above GalleryVault app. Then we will see.

Gallery vault APP Details 
  • Size of the app – This is 11.86 MB sized app 
  • The latest version of the application – That is 3.17.12
  • The developer of the app – The developer team of GalleryVault is offered the above app 
  • Number of downloads of the application – 10,000,000+ downloads had finished 
  •    Now you know the basic details of the GalleryVault app. Then, 

GalleryVault APK Download

Download Now

   You have to tap on the download button for it. Then tap install and after a few seconds, you have the app. Then we will see the most significant thing about the above-mentioned app. Also, Those things are the features of this app. 

Features of GalleryVault APK 

  • Hiding anything those you need to avoid from other’s sight 
  • Encrypted the necessary things 
  • The above app could be hidden from the apps. Even the icon. Anyone don’t get to know about the application 
  • Could hiding the things in SD card
  • That has a connection with web browsers. So that is supported to download with an only a single tap of images and videos 
  • Feel the more nice experience with this app
  • No limit to storage 
  • It supported playing the Gifs. 
  • Let you know about the breaking alerts
  • It shows wrong contents relevant to the wrong passcodes 
  • Fingerprint access is here 

  These above are the benefits that you could obtain by the usage of the above app. The private details will be protected. That is a legal application. Also, You can download it for your device. This above app with the device administrative permission. That is to avoid losing data by removing the app. Your device isn’t damaged due to this app even.


GalleryVault FAQ

  • What are the new features of the app? 

    You could put the interface into the black color from the mode of the dark, mode of landscaping can be activated, you could use Fingerprint or either to unlock the pattern the app and UI experience is provided. 

  • Are those files online stored? 

                 Those are on your device only. If you need to change the new device, you must backup those items. 

  • How to make the icon hidden? 

      Visit the browser that built-in for your device then tap on the space button. You can access it by the info of the system application. 

  • What is the size of this app? 

      That is about 11.86 MB sized apps 

  • Are there any ads contained here? 

      Those are only ads placed by the app developer. 

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