The filelinked android apk for Smart TVs latest free download [10 MB]

The filelinked is the best and ever made percent bulk downloader for the android smart TVs. Although the filelinked is an easy, fast, and easy app for the usage. Apart from the stated facts there are more. Shall we proceed ahead? You could download multiple files at once by utilizing the filelinked. Also, there are more file models that are user friendly with the filelinked. Some of these file categories are video, audio, and apk files. And the users are allowed to share the file types I have mentioned in the previous sentence. Usually we share the file groups with the URLs. Those URLs are lengthy. But here in the filelinked there are no annoying URLs. Here there are only codes. Here there are only codes while using the app. So by that, the users could save some time. file linked

  So by going through the main paragraphs here, a reader can know the main task executed by the filelinked. The below paragraph exhibits the technical description of the filelinked app. 

Technical description 

  This super easy app is about a 9.30 MB sized app. Also the filelinked is commonly known as a bulk downloader for the android devices. Also the latest version of the filelinked is v1. 8.7. The filelinked. com produce and offered a fast performing app. In order to use the filelinked you have to be with the device of android version 5.0 or upwards. 

  Then if you are a satisfied reader with the expressed details, then move to the following section. That is related, 

Download filelinked for android Smart TVs

  Here there are download links designated in this article. You are able to get the app successfully with the help of given links. 


  • You have to install the ES File Explorer if you haven’t installed it yet 
  • Then you can make use of the given link 
  • After enabling the unknown sources, if not you can be seen, “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.” like an error message 
  • Then after the ending of the download process continue to the installation process 
  • Keep in mind to enable unknown sources from the filelinked app. If you haven’t enabled it, you can’t download any app directly from the filelinked. 
  • You can use the Unlinked as an alternative app to filelinked

  The described all facts are significant for any user of the filelinked. As in the previous paragraph, the below ones are more important. The underneath description shows how important is this app and what are the benefits of it. 

Best FileLinked Codes

Features of the filelinked for Smart TVs

  • Free of charge 

  The service is free by the filelinked app. Basically the app can be termed as a free android app. The application is compatible with several Android devices like smartphones and smart tv. There are further free codes existing in the app. 

  • Quick performance on Smart TVs

   Genuinely the busy and employed people want to save their time. So the app with quick performance is very precious for them. By file linked the user is allowed to download and save multiple files at once. The number of downloading items doesn’t matter for the app. No need for lengthy URLs here too. 

  • Simple and get personalized the app 

  By here an user can create his own collection. The user can insert the games, wallpapers, and apps to the made collection. There you can keep what you want. 

  • Easy sharing options on Smart TVs

  As mentioned previously you can design your own collection. Then after sharing it with the other people who believe the created items are useful. In a similar way you could create an app store too. The code is the link that you have to share here. 

  By the described all facts you could be aware of more significant details related to the filelinked for smart tv. Understand the experience just by using the application itself. If you like to get more features out from the Filelinked app you can use the codes. 

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