Android Video Player APK V8.2 Latest version free Download Official [15 MB]

  This above android video player can be known as one of the powerful video players out of many others. So this android video player app allows you to watch any video quickly, smoothly, and comfortably through your android device. 

   The android video player is compatible with more video formats. Examples for WMV, MP4, 3GP, and MOV. So then you have to select only the video format that you want out of here. Then after the android video player will start the playing of the video without any problem.

android video player app

   Other than in the above you could explore the folders of your android device by using the android video player. Therefore you can know the number of videos without counting them. Also think if you want to locate anything that is placed on the folders of the mobile, that work is easy with the above android video player. 

    Then I think you have got a brief idea about the whole app by the above paragraphs. Then we will move to the basic details of the app. Those are as follows.

  • Size of the app –  this is about 15 MB sized app 
  • Downloads of the app – it has finished about 400,000+ downloads 
  • The latest version of the app – that is 8.2
  • The requirement for the app – it needs android 2.1 or any higher version 

   Now you know these basic details here. You are able to download the android video player app from the download links in the above. Also you could install the app in a manual method. Therefore you could get the app by following the below steps. 

Further, you can use the Android video player on media streaming apps like Cyberflix, Peacock TV as well

How to download and install an android video player app on an android device?


  • Download the android video player out of the above download links 
  • Then open the settings folder of the device. Then enable the unknown sources. If not the download process will be blocked 
  • Then open the android video player file. You can find it from the notification panel 
  • Then after clicking on the install. By clicking on it you are agreeing with all the permissions required. 
  • Now that the work is finished. Then work with the app 

   By following the above ways you could download the above app successfully into your device. Then after that we will find out what are the features of the above android video player. 

Features of the android video player app

  • You can use the android video player app for multiple tasks 
  • The video player is applicable for the various formats of videos 
  • Count the number of videos included in there 
  • Locate any kind of record within the files of the device 
  • The app for free 
  • Smooth and quick performance 

   Those are the main details of the android video player app. So then we can conclude how important this app is.

   Those are the features of the android video player. I think you have got an idea about the app. Then after, 

Is this android video player app legally permitted to use? 

   There is no law against the usage of the app. Therefore you are able to use this above android video player without any restriction. Also, this is totally safe.

FAQs about the android video player 

Q: Is this app safe for my device? 

A: yes, it is. These apps are undergoing a safety scan. Therefore no harm in the device. 

Q: Are there any ads contained here? 

A: Yes, there may be ads contained here. Those are placed by the app developer 

Q: Is this free for my device? 

A: Yes, this is totally free for your device. No need to pay any single amount. 

   Now you know what you wanted to know out of here. Then you are the person that you have to decide is this useful or not. Then see it after using the app. Also, check out about, Filelinked APK Download | Bulk Downloader Tool for Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV

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