AirScreen APK V1.8.14. Latest version free Download Official [49.54 MB]

This AirScreen app can be used as an advanced wireless transmission protocol in multiple ways. Even it can be known as cast, DLNA receiver, cast, or else as airplay. Especially this is for android devices. Now you have a brief idea about the above app. You could get more fun with your friends, family members, and others by sharing videos, photos, and movies. To access this app you can use a local network connection like the WiFi connection. I think this is a very suitable app to enjoy your life with the experience in this type of app. If you wish to enjoy this you can download it and work with that.

   Then we can see some main details about this app. Usually the following details you have to keep in your mind. Because in some situations those details will be needed for you. 

  • Size of the app –  this is about 49.54 MB sized apps. 
  • The latest version of the app – that is 1.8.14.
  • Downloads of the app – it had performed over 10,000,000+ downloads have finished 
  • The developer of the app – Ionitech is offered the above app. 

   That is about the surrounding details of the app like this above. Then we want to get it on to our mobile phone or to the pc. 

How can I get AirScreen APK on my mobile phone? 


  •  We have given you the download link of this app here in the above 
  • Click on it 
  • It will be downloaded after sometime 
  • Then click on the install to get this on to your phone 
  • Work with the app after the installation


How can I get AirScreen APK into my pc?

  •  First of all download the BlueStacks app for your pc 
  • Then click on the download where I had provided 
  • It will download sometimes later
  • Click on the install 
  • Work with the app

By following the above steps you can download this app for your pc or to your mobile phone. 

Then we will see another thing. One should get this app because of its unique qualities. We will see what they are. 

Features in AirScreen V1.8.14

  • Wireless transmission protocols 

   As I told in the above this is supportive of the many kinds of transmission protocols. So you don’t need a wire for the connection of the instruments and displays. 

  • The app is compatible with many operating systems 

   There is a wide range of operating systems in the world. So this app is working with many of them. Examples for android, iOS, Windows 10, and the macOS. By this method you can enjoy it on various platforms. 

  • It is compatible with many applications 

   Like the above various platforms this above is compatible with more other applications. Simply YouTube, chrome, and safari are such types of applications. 

  • Recording of the screen can be performed 

   You can record each time you use this app. From that method you won’t miss any kind of content from here. 

  • Many other advantages 

  There is a very high resolution contained in the app. You could set personalized features of your own. 

  • Encrypted app 

  You can transmit your images and other all things by using an encrypted mode. From that you will gain more security for your details. 

Other than the above there are more of them. 

Other kinds of stuff 

  • The adjustment of the volume features has improved 
  • Fixed the issue of the green screen 
  • This app is supported for multiple languages 
  • Improvement of the performance of the app 

  Then we will talk about the legal authority over this app. Also, there is no restriction to use an app like this. Therefore you can use this app with nothing to fear. 

FAQs about AirScreen V1.8.14

  • Is this AirScreen safe for my device? 

  No harm to your device because there is no harmful software contained in it. 

  • Is this AirScreen free of charge? 

  Also, You have to purchase about 1$-16 $ per item. 

  • Are there any ads contained in AirScreen? 

  Yes, there are ads that are placed by the app developer. 

Now you know what you wanted to know. Also, this is an app for multiple transformations. You can use this app with a compatible operating system. I am telling you to observe working with this app. Also, it will definitely be amazing. Try it yourselves and feel the change by yourselves even. Also, check about Filelinked APK Download | Bulk Downloader Tool for Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV

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