Filelinked APK Download | Bulk Downloader Tool [10.6MB]

Filelinked is a smart way to store and transfer big files. It is the number one bulk downloader tool in the world. All the downloading and sharing tasks of the app are carried via Filelinked codes. Do you also have the need of transferring large files without any hard drivers? Are you interested in creating personalized app stores? Then, Filelinked is the answer.

filelinked apk

We face many problems due to the size of files when transferring and storing them. Most file transferring tools including emails let us attach any kind of file. But each of them has their limitations, especially on size. So we cannot transfer very big files in between devices. We have to get the assistance of portable drivers to copy files from one place to another which is not so smart. As well, we cannot access these files at any time via any device when we use portable drivers.

As a solution to this Filelinked which is an online storage service is unveiled by revolutionizing the bulk downloading of files. Filelinked can do it in a unique way by creating a personalized code. We are allowed to upload attachments of any size to Filelinked. Then this app replaces this set of attached files to a simple link. Finally, all you have to do is remembering the code which costs nothing and which weighs nothing.

What is Filelinked?

As mentioned earlier, Filelinked is a bulk file downloading tool. With the use of Filelinked, you can download a number of files at once to your device without getting on with annoying URLs. You can download this app on Amazon Firestick and on other Android devices. This is obviously a little app store maker which you can assemble all your favorite apps from different sources into one place. It creates codes and you have to use this code as the app store. By sharing this code with other  Filelinked users you can let your friends download the apps from your app store. At the same time, you can use the Filelinked codes created by others to download files on them. To make it brief, Filelinked is a tool to upload massive attachments to a web-based storage and replace the storage with a little code.

Filelinked APK Download

Filelinked Download

App NameFilelinked
App size10.6MB
Android required4.0 and Up
Latest version v 1.8.7
Download LinkFilelinked download


Filelinked App is for everyone. Download Filelined Apk from above download link and enjoy all the features for free. It’s 100% free to make any kind of code according to your choice.!


Just think If you want to download 2, 3 files with multiple URLs, actually it’s a very slow and boring task. But now with Filelinked it’s very easy. No need to type long downloading URLs!


Filelinked App is Simple app that everyone can use. Just choose what you want to download and make the code from all the files. Now enter the code from filelinked App. Simple!

Why  Filelinked?

We are fond of using third-party applications than the apps on Google Play Store. It is because they are powerful and feature-rich than the apps on Play Store. Some very important apps are not available on Play Store due to the simple causes in agreements and due to copyright concerns. Therefore we have to download these apps from unknown sources on the web. Many sites will provide fake links to download these apps. When you meet the original downloading link, you can keep it secured on Filelinked as another app on app store. In this ways, by adding any number of apps from play store and other stores, you can create your own app store with Filelinked. Not only apps but also other files which belong to different categories can be placed on Filelinked and the app can generate codes. If you know the code and if you have this app installed on the device,  that device can download any file on the code within seconds. Using of Filelinked is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to download any kind of file to all your Android devices. So start creating and downloading Filelinked codes with any file.

Features of Filelinked

  • The newly updated version of Filelinked is freely available to download.
  • The app is designed perfectly with a thoughtful management.
  • You can download any number of files at once without being busy with searching and dealing with annoying URLs.
  • The eight digits long Filelinked code can be created by injecting tools from any source.
  • Filelinked has accelerated the file downloading through simultaneous downloads.
  • Easy to use. Though Filelinked deals with creating of codes, there is no need to have any technological knowledge on coding. The app is user-friendly and anyone can get on with the app super easily. You just have to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the tasks with this app. Further, when you completely go through this article, using Filelinked will become super simple.
  • This is a good method to get a virus free Android app to your device.
  • There is a dashboard on the app to customize the list of apps, their names, descriptions on each app on play store. Having a code is not needed to access the dashboard. You need to give the email and the password to enter it. So there is no any risk of sharing the codes created by you with other users.
  • You need to have an Android device of version 5.0 or higher to run the app smoothly.
  • Some of the best Alternative apps to FlieLinked Would be AppLinked and FileSynced.

Guide to download and install Filelinked on your Android device

  1. Download Filelinked apk from the given downloading link on this site.
  2. Go to the “Settings” of the device and open the security settings.
  3. Select “Unknown sources” option and tick on it. Now you can download any app from outside the play store without any issue. (Settings ⇨ Security ⇨ unknown sources ⇨  )
  4. Tap and open the “Downloads” folder and select the downloaded Filelinked apk.
  5. Click on the appeared “install” button.
  6. Wait until the installation completes.
  7. Now open the app and start using it. 🙂

Filelinked to Fire TV / Fire Stick

filelinked to firestick

  1. Tap and open the “Settings” of the device.
  2. Then select the “Device” option.
  3. There under the “About” button select “Developer options” choice.
  4. At the next pop-up window, you have to turn on both ADB debugging and Unknown sources option.
  5. Then you will be taken to the homepage of the device.
  6. Search for Filelinked from the search bar.
  7. Select the suitable downloading link and tap on “Download” button to download it.
  8. Later go to the “Settings” and enable Javascript by ticking on it.
  9. Go to the Filelinked official page by typing the URL of it under Browser option.
  10. Click on “Download” option and start downloading.
  11. Soon after the completion of downloading, you will see the “install” button. Tap on it.
  12. Finally, open the installed app on your device.

How Filelinked works?

It is very easy to work with Filelinked. If you have the free Filelinked app on your device, then you can use this app in two different ways. The first method is the creation of an app store or a configuration by your own self. By the use of this configuration, you can install any app on your device or by sharing the code, you can let your other friends download apps on it. The second method is the taking the advantage of the app store created by someone else to download any file to your device. All these things are put into action with codes.

With these three major steps, you can set this app in motion.

  1. Create code with the Filelinked official website through its dashboard.
  2. Add any number of files and apks and create an app store.
  3. Switch to Android device. Firestick and install apks and other files on Filelinked.

These steps are descriptively given below. Cope with it. So then you will be able to get the maximum benefit of this app.

Set up your personalized app store with Filelinked

  1. Open the Filelinked official page.
  2. If you do not have a Filelinked account, sign up to it by giving your E-mail address and a suitable password. If you already have an account, log into the site.
  3. Then, tap on the “Create a new configuration” option to generate a new Filelinked code.
  4. At the next pop-up window, enter a name of the configuration and then add a suitable description to it. Save it and go to the next option. Now you can enter the dashboard to create files.
  5. Tap on “Create Files”  green button to finish up the creation of Filelinked code.
  6. Give the name of the file that you need to add to the configuration.
  7. Add a description to the file in the given space.
  8. Enter the URL to the apk file.
  9. Add a logo to the file.
  10. Save it by tapping on “Save” option.

Then by following the same procedure, you can add any number of files to the configuration. To see the created configuration, tap on “Go back” option. You will now see the created code with 8 digits. You have to keep in mind this code.

Using of Filelinked code to download Android apps.

Now you already have Filelinked installed on your device. If not, you have to download and install this app on your device at first. Then you can go with the below-given step by step to download apps to the device through code. It is better to be updated with the newest version always.

  1. Open the app on your device by clicking on the app icon.
  2. Enter the generated code in the given space. You can also use a valid code created by another Filelinked user.
  3. The whole list of apps inserted in the code will then appear as a list.
  4. Select the app that you wish to add to your device and tap on the “Download” button in front of it.
  5. To install the app, click on the “Play” () button which is at the in front of app icon and app description.

Now that app will be installed on your device in a couple of seconds. Have you noticed how easy it is to download and install apps from Filelinked? So do other files. Here the app store is transformed from one person to another via a simple code. Repeat this procedure, again and again, to download any number of apps to your Android device. When you know the code, you can access the set of apps on configuration from any device. So even when you switch to a new device, you can download all the apps and other files on the old phone through this method.

Droidadmin or Filelinked?

droidadmin filelinked

Have you confused in between these two words? That is something very normal.  Droidadmin is going to be redesigned with a new look and new it is renamed as Filelinked. In my point of view, Filelinked is the most suitable name for this app which can link any number of any kind of files with it. The functionality of them won’t change a lot. But the app will be optimized for new updates.


This app is not listed on Google Play Store. So this is a third party app. It housed for many other third-party apps as well. But it is not associated with any illegal activity. It is not combined with any illicit act at all. It just assembles the apk files from various sources to one place and then it lets you download them to your device. This is a 100% safe tool and you can make use of this tool without any fear. Your account won’t ban or any other such kind of fallacious deed won’t happen to your device. There are millions of Filelinked downloads. They have clearly proven the high functionality and the safeness of this app.

Developer Credits

Thanks to the developers of Filelinked, we are gifted with this wonderful file downloading tool. Further, all the copyrights relating to Filelinked are held by respective owners. So the respective owners are responsible for the copyright issues.


Filelinked is the easiest method to download a multiple number of files to your device at once very easily. So far, you may have a little frustration when switching to a new device as you are getting caught by a number of fake downloading links when downloading a certain app. In this way, when downloading different tools from unknown sources, we have to face many difficulties. But the time has changed and file downloading has revolutionized with the introduction of Filelinked. This app can solve all of your issues, snags and other drawbacks associated with file downloading. That is why it has become the number one bulk downloader in the world. With Filelinked, you need not to hang on with various sources to download different apks.